Fabric Development, Inc.

Your source for production of specialty application fabrics

Customers throughout the world have come to rely on Fabric Development, Inc. for the manufacture of specialty textiles. Our team of skilled textile engineers explores the endless possibilities of current and future fabric applications in a wide variety of carbon, ceramic, aramid, fiberglass, quartz and thermoplastic/carbon blend fibers including Kevlar™, Twaron™, Nextel™, Nicalon™, Teflon™, Gore-Tex™, Nomex™, Vectran™, Spectra™ and Zylon™. Custom prototype or volume production – we support all with quality products, on-time delivery, consistent performance and expert technical support.

We Offer Technical Expertise

In high performance fibers, multi-dimensional complex shapes, sophisticated fiber systems…

U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy visits plant

U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy visits Fabric Development plant.